Design note

The development site is on Prestbury Road, which is between Cheltenham town centre and Prestbury and was for a total of 11 two and three bedroom residential units comprising of one detached dwelling, four semi-detached dwellings and two mews style houses. 

They are arranged around two distinct courtyards, with the detached dwelling [Unit 01], and the semi-detached units [02&03, 04&05, 06&07 and 08&09] arranged around a large central courtyard that includes a turning head and parking for the units. Each area within the courtyard will be delineated by subtle changes in materiality which will define its uses without detracting from the feeling of openness within the site. The mews houses also front a courtyard and are arranged to define the boundary of the northern corner of the site. The roads, turning and parking areas and entrances to the dwellings are all defined by soft, low maintenance shrubs which again are intended to afford a feeling of openness within the development without compromising the safety and security of the occupants.

Units 01 02 and 03 front Prestbury Road and are three storeys tall with terraces cut into the upper floor. Unit 01 adjoins the boundary to Southam Court, a Grade II Listed property which is divided into flats. The property sits at a oblique angle to Prestbury Road, therefore the corner of Unit 01 which sits nearest to it has a radiused edge which softens the relationship between the two buildings and allows them to sit comfortably together, without competing with one another. Unit 02 similarly has a radiused edge when viewed from Prestbury Road which links with its neighbour and helps to define views into the site from Prestbury Road towards the semi-detached units. The units benefit from defined parking areas adjacent to the entrance of the dwelling, private amenity space and bicycle storage structures, and a communal refuse and recycling store. Fenestration is arranged to provide views within the site, to protect the private amenity space of the adjoining units and away from the adjoining petrol filling station.

Units 04 - 09 are arranged in a staggered semi-detached format along the eastern boundary of the site facing towards Prestbury Road. The entrance to the dwellings are defined by a brickwork corner, with the remainder of the three storey dwellings finished with a white render. The top floor has a terrace cut into it which breaks up the mass of the facade and provides private views within the site over the central square to Prestbury Road. Other than unit 04, all units have rear access to private gardens which include a bicycle store. Communal refuse and recycling stores are provided adjacent to the central square which are to be clad with gabion basket walls and a profiled steel roof.

Units 10 and 11 are arranged in a ‘mews’ style and are two storeys tall. The smaller units assist in providing a balanced mix of dwellings within the site, however they still retain the same benefits of the larger units with defined parking adjacent to the entrances and rear access to private gardens. The fenestration is similarly orientated to provide views within the site and to protect the private amenity space of the surrounding properties. Materials match the adjoining units with entrances defined with brickwork cladding and the remainder of the walls finished with render.

Planning Permission was granted and the site was subsequently sold by our client.