Design note

The site lies to the west of the Village of Perrott’s Brook approximately 3 miles to the north of Cirencester where two poultry sheds on two distinct terraced levels were formerly housed. 

The proposal involves the demolition of the existing poultry sheds and construction of three detached dwellings that acknowledge the site features and seek to use local vernacular materials. Designed over two floors and using the distinct terraced form of the existing topography, the layout and massing of the dwellings have been influenced by local archaeological structures. 

The East and West dwellings form a single mass rather than two distinct structures so that there is greater horizontal emphasis and help the dwellings fit into their sloping context. Limiting any disruptions set against the rural landscape, the two dwellings are in essence mirrored reflections of one another. Allowing expansive and unspoilt views with predominantly glazed elevations, Lyncroft House sits approximately 3 metres below the East and West dwellings and continues the long uninterrupted horizontal emphasis of the site. 

The primary material of natural local stone is used throughout the proposal giving a sense of familiarity to the wider Cotswold area. Corten Steel, zinc and a combination of solid and open timber cladding which intend to age naturally with the surrounding growing landscape are also proposed. 

The project was granted planning approval in March 2018.