Design note

The application site is located in Padstow, Cornwall and is currently a garden with an access that is  shared with an adjoining property. Following a previous unsuccessful application on the site we were appointed by the client with a design brief to create a family home that preserves the sea views of the original property, allows access to be maintained to both the original house and its neighbour, and complements the special character of the Conservation Area.

The new dwelling is therefore cut into the slope of the garden with the upper roof level in line with the sills of the original windows. The geometry of the ground floor of the house is generated by the site boundaries and is intended to maximise the internal  floor space whilst allowing adequate circulation for access and gardens and to maximise daylight into the lower rooms. The first floor is orientated towards the bay, and includes a large cantilever which partially covers the front garden and parking bay.  

Whilst the form and lines of the proposed dwelling are clearly contemporary the materials complement the palette of the adjoining context, with local stone used for the ground floor construction and retaining walls and vertically hung slate used on the upper floor. Glazed areas are specifically placed to provide excellent views to the bay whilst preserving the amenity space of the surrounding properties.

Planning Permission and Conservation Area consent was granted and the project is on site.