Design note

The application site is located at the rear of several properties on Podsmead Road, to the south of Gloucester City Centre. The proposed development is for 7 dwellings, with access to the site gained as a result of the demolition of one of the properties facing Podsmead Road. Upon entering the site a clear vista will be provided to Tuffley Park as the houses are arranged either side of the new road. There are three detached four bedroom properties to the north of the road and four smaller three bedroom semi-detached properties facing them to the south. The space between the units will allow parking for one car adjacent to the front entrance door, however they will remain out of sight so that the green vista is maintained through the development. 

Following a detailed assessment of Podsmead and the surrounding environment, materials and details have been identified that exhibit local architectural quality which will be incorporated in the detailed design of the new development. The use of local materials and details is clearly key to the  proposals retaining a sense of local distinctiveness however it is equally important to not simply create a pastiche of previous styles but use them in a contemporary idiom so that the development is seen as a natural progression of the area. The flat roof form, fenestration and material palette are contemporary in style however they have been designed to sit congruously alongside the distinctive character patterns that exist along Podsmead Road. The style of development is subservient and smaller in scale to the frontage houses along Podsmead Road and Tuffley Avenue and so lends itself well to a more modern appearance. To help further break up the mass of the individual houses we have introduced variation in the brickwork bond, some areas will be finished in a plain Flemish bond, other smaller panels will have projecting headers and some with a mesh bond. This will add visual interest and create a random graphic pattern that will oscillate according to the light conditions and form a sense of movement when passing by the dwellings.

A Planning Application was submitted in December 2014 and we await the Local Authority decision.