Design note

The site is a disused quarry located in the heart of the Forest of Dean which is densely wooded and offers elevated views of the surrounding countryside. The development was for a total of 22 lodges, with two, three, and four bedroom options. The concept of the lodges is to create a subtle 21st Century variation on the traditional scandinavian aesthetic which typically features timber clad walls using half round cladding, small windows to prevent heat loss during long periods of cold weather and steep symmetrical roof’s to shed winter snow. The proposed lodges are designed with the British climate specifically in mind, and therefore feature large expanses of glass, sliding timber screens to afford a sense of privacy, and large overhanging low pitch roof’s which allow outside dining even during wet weather. The lodges will be a highly insulated timber frame construction, with folded metal roof’s and will sit on aluminium helical piles to prevent damage to the surrounding tree roof’s. 

Planning Permission was granted and the client is looking at development options.