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The property is situated on the Western edge of the Slad Valley directly on the Slad Road on the outskirts of the village. The front of the property affords views overlooking the open countryside of the Slad Valley. 

The brief was to create a striking modern home with it’s own identity and yet remain congruent to it’s rural location. In terms of our design approach, we have carefully developed a scheme that retains the foot-print of the existing dwelling as much as possible with the added depth formed to the rear in order to provide a unique and quality home conducive to modern living. The project has been well considered and is an appropriate solution to the constraints and topography of the existing site. Although modern in aesthetic the material palette of weathering timber will allow the building to sit congruently within the landscape and complement the local vernacular style. By adopting a flat roof solution not only does this help to create a contemporary and modernist aesthetic but it reduces the perceived mass of property when compared to the existing pitched hipped roof. 

The project was granted planning approval in July 2015 and completed late 2017.