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HUB8 is a 7,000 ft2 dynamic co-working space in Cheltenham’s town centre dedicated to enabling the growth and development of the flourishing cyber technology ecosystem.

Delivered in partnership with CyNam, HUB8 is a focal point for the cyber community to connect, collaborate and create. Its mission is to enhance Cheltenham’s position as a world-class centre for cyber technology excellence.

The principal objectives of HUB8 are to: 

  • curate the development of talent and know-how within the local cyber community; 
  • support the cyber technology supply chain; 
  • create an environment in which innovation can result in meaningful advances in cyber technology; 
  • stimulate economic activity in the town and region; 
  • generate positive and sustainable employment impacts, including by retaining existing and attracting new talent to the town; 
  • incubate emerging cyber technology businesses for transition in due course to Cyber Central;
  • serve as a ‘proof of concept’ for an enhanced cyber technology innovation facility as a ‘gateway’ project at Cyber Central; 
  • help establish Cheltenham as the UK’s foremost cyber security ‘cluster’; 
  • support GFirst LEP’s forthcoming Local Industrial Strategy and Cheltenham Borough Council’s vision to make Cheltenham and Gloucestershire the cyber capital of the UK.

HUB8 will be delivered in partnership with CyNam, a platform for enabling the growth and development of people and organisations within Cheltenham’s flourishing cyber technology ecosystem. CyNam connects talented cyber technology minds and local SMEs and start-ups with valuable knowledge, advice, services and business opportunities to further their success.

HUB8 is supported by GFirst LEP and Cheltenham Borough Council.

More information on HUB8 can be found here: https://www.hub8and.co/